Parasoft License Agreement

Parasoft License Agreement: Understanding the Terms and Conditions

As a software user, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of the license agreement before you start using the software. In this article, we will discuss the Parasoft license agreement and its terms.

What is Parasoft?

Parasoft is a software testing and development company that provides tools and solutions for quality assurance, testing, and development operations. Parasoft`s software solutions help organizations to improve their software quality, reduce software defects, and accelerate time-to-market.

Parasoft License Agreement

The Parasoft license agreement is a legal contract that outlines the terms and conditions of using Parasoft`s software products. The license agreement is a binding contract that governs the use of the software and the obligations of the parties.

The license agreement sets out the terms of use, the limitations, and the restrictions. It also outlines the rights and obligations of the parties, including the licensee (the person or company using the software) and the licensor (Parasoft).

The following are some of the key terms and conditions of the Parasoft license agreement:

1. Permitted Use: The license agreement defines the permitted use of the software. The software should be used only for the purposes stated in the agreement. Any use beyond the permitted use is considered a violation of the agreement.

2. License Fee: The license agreement outlines the license fee for using the software. The license fee may vary depending on the software product, the number of licenses, and the duration of the license.

3. Intellectual Property: The license agreement specifies the ownership of the intellectual property rights in the software. Parasoft retains all rights and title to the software, including any modifications or enhancements.

4. Limitations and Restrictions: The license agreement sets out the limitations and restrictions on the use of the software. For example, the licensee may not copy, distribute, or modify the software without the licensor`s prior written consent.

5. Support and Maintenance: The license agreement outlines the support and maintenance services provided by Parasoft. The licensee may be required to pay additional fees for these services.

6. Confidentiality: The license agreement includes a confidentiality clause that prohibits the licensee from disclosing any confidential information about the software to a third party.


The Parasoft license agreement is an important legal contract that governs the use of Parasoft`s software products. It is important for software users to understand the terms and conditions of the agreement before using the software. By understanding the license agreement, software users can ensure that they are compliant with the terms and conditions and avoid any legal issues.